Improving Our Safety Culture 

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In order to drive continuous improvement in safety standards, TideWater Utilities is able to identify and measure key pieces of information regarding our operations, training, incident rates and performance evaluations. Since all of our company’s health and safety information is recorded and stored, it’s easy to track performance statistics and ensure we have the tools in place to create a safe and sustainable work environment.

Safety culture is seen as one of our key business targets so that our employees feel empowered to act in the interests of safety, and have the knowledge that our management team will support them. This enhancement of mutual trust is invariably accompanied by a positive impact on productivity.
A strong commitment to safety starts with strong leadership! Our focus on safety comes from the top down and has a true and lasting impact. Any person within TideWater's organization that has a leadership role has a responsibility to communicate the importance of safety to all employees and sub-contractors and ensures that policies, practices and procedures are consistently and universally implemented.

A strong safety culture comes from making sure that everyone, from the company President/CEO to the junior labourer, are aware of work hazards and understand their responsibility in ensuring their own safety and that of others.

There are a number of factors that TideWater Utilities focuses on in order to support our commitment to a strong safety culture. Some of these factors are:

"Safet First ... Service Always!"

Safety First ... Service Always!
Substation Construction
Service & Maintenance
A substantial amount of time and resources are directed towards achieving excellence in safety in all of TideWater Utilities' operations.

Our employees are educated and certified on how to work in a safe environment and pay close attention to their suroundings.

Safety is our first priority!
- Civil Infrastructure Construction

- New and Rebuilds

- Site preparation, Foundations
   and below grade installations

- Trenching & Compaction

- Testing and Commissioning

- Transmission and Distribution

- Excavation & Trenching

- Re-conductoring, Conversions,
   Extensions and Relocations

- Rock mounts
Overhead Construction
- Plant Maintenance

- Substation repair and

- Hands on Service

- Emergency and Outage

- Directional Drilling